I wasn’t looking – is that paint dry yet??


Actually, that’s unfair, it wasn’t that bad, just that the wind had dropped a fair bit and at best gusted to a westerly f3-4, when Bazzo and I got down to the Tobacco Dump for a seawatch this morning.
High points were a pristine adult summer Med Gull south at 1020, and two Arctic Terns wafting along in the same direction across the bay over the tide.
Common Scoter numbers continue to build and respectable numbers of Manxies were passing, although most were out at horizon distance, playing peek-a-boo in the wibbly wobbly.

Formby Point, 0910-1120:

Gannet approx 300
Manx Shearwater 161
Kittiwake 9
Sandwich Tern 6
Common Scoter approx 135
Great Crested Grebe 2
Mediterranean Gull 1 ad summer
Arctic Tern 2
Razorbill 1

Admittedly not the most thrilling session, but pleasant enough, plus it’s more hours deposited in the seawatching kharma bank….and the company was good too.


2 thoughts on “I wasn’t looking – is that paint dry yet??

    • Hi Ken – so glad you enjoy the blog. Kittiwakes, as a generally pelagic gull, are more likely to be encountered passing offshore, although one or two do occasionally pop up in gull roosts on the beach from Crosby to Southport, especially after stormy conditions. They did try breeding on the dock wall at Liverpool some years ago, and have prospected around the Lennox rig offshore, but your best bet is picking them up over the waves, rather than on the beach.


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