Idiot’s pelagic


Whizzed out of the Mersey early doors yesterday for a job with Tern TV, who wanted to film the wreck of the Pegu (Sefton’s own “Whisky Galore” boat) aboard the Mersey Lass, a smallish launch that lurched about like a drunken rollercoaster until we got out to the wreck.
(For those interested in such things, I’ve posted a gallery of the wreck visit at
No seabirds worth mentioning, apart from a few Common Terns (can you see the one in the image above?) fishing out on the bar, presumably birds from Seaforth, and a motley crew of commoner gulls.
While bouncing about the inshore swell does not qualify as pelagic duties, it was worth a try.
Great fun though, with up to 17 Grey Seals hauled out on the sandbars on the way back in.
This morning was better in the strong westerly as I was out on the shore at Formby over the low tide.
Light southerly movement of Gannets close in (I bet Manxies were further out and available to anyone with a ‘scope and a dune to sit on) and joy of joys, my first Arctic Skua of the year, a dark phase bird, moving idly south at about 11.30am over the beach.
Feels good to see one again – just need to combine some time off with quality westerlies and I’m back in the seawatching business…