A perfect evening in June


Groppers still reeling their brains out on Altcar Rifle Range tonight during the second of two walks we’ve led there this year.
One Grasshopper Warbler was happy sitting up top on a ridge so everyone could watch it – very convenient.
Willow Warblers, Blackcaps, Skylarks and Whitethroats still in full song there too, with Greater ‘Pecker and Sprawk.
Wildflowers are the order of the day on the managed ranges there of course – orchids, grasses, knapweeds etc stretching on forever.
Lots of other cool unfeathered stuff this week too – Large Nettle Weevil (find me a weirder, cooler looking critter if you can) and Pygmy Shrew (brown bread, but still interesting).



Meanwhile the dunes at Ainsdale had all the regular summer quality – common stuff here, but none the worse for that… Dark Green Frits, Asparagus Beetles and Emperor Dragonflies (with Black Tailed Skimmers and Broad Bodied Chasers).




Natterjack toadlets at favoured slacks, Gannets, terns and Great Crests offshore (with a few Common Scoter out horizon-wards), prehistoric footprints and even that there Peter Kay filming out on the sands…..busy busy busy.

4 thoughts on “A perfect evening in June

  1. Hello John,
    We are soon moving to Ainsdale and would welcome if you can show us around would have loved to see the orchids do you have a site showing locations we can visit?
    Kind regards,

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    • Hi Charles, if you go to facebook.com/seftoncoast you’ll find details of what we find on the coast from Marshside to Crosby.
      If you email me at landscape.partnership@sefton.gov.uk I’ll send you a PDF of our Events Guide too, so you can see what the Sefton Coast Landscape Partnership (the project I work for) is doing where for the next six months, and find out how to book on a (free) walk if you wish.
      Hope this helps – look forward to showing you the coast.


  2. Hi John 23/6/16. Had a definate RINGLET Butterfly in flight + perched on a bramble flower @ DUTCH FARM. I think it’s not been recorded this far south in Merseyside, unless anybody can tell me otherwise!
    Still a good record though.

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