I wouldn’t stand there if I were you…


It must be an occupational hazard if you’re dodging between the cattle in front of Nels after snaily snacks, but the Glossy Ibis nearly got an unwelcome calf shower in the rain today.
A small price to pay I suppose as the coos stomp through the shallows at Marshside presumably disturbing loads of food for the Ibis to snap up.
And it beats being poked up the Khyber by one of the Avocets…



The rain was more prolonged than I was expecting, but it was an okay hour or two sitting in Nels. Hordes of youngsters around – Avocets, Little Grebes, duckling of various persuasions and stacks of BHGs (up at Sandgrounders).


Herring Gulls and LBBs still trying to grab the smaller chicks there, while the rain dripped off the bills of miserable looking Reed Warbers at Nels, and the first Pyramidal Orchids sprouted up to join the numerous Bee Orchids on site.



Behind the Junction Pool up to six Ruff were getting up to “ruff stuff” in the rain, while further out there appeared to be two Reeve.



Back up at Sandgrounders, when the rain eased two Med Gulls materialised, preening at the back of the BHG colony and calling occasionally, when not strutting about in the gull poop and Southern Marsh Orchids.


All very summery, but best of all a Hobby came tearing through in front of the hide mid-afternoon, having terrorised everything around Polly’s Pool first.
It got a serious turn of speed on as it Exocet-ted over Marshside Road and out of sight – a thrilling bird…wonder if it was the one Dave Fletcher had on Saturday?