The serious business of mothing.


When the nights are this warm, mothing can be a smart move – but it’s a serious business, and you’ve got to do it right.
The first thing to realise is that mothing is a great excuse to sit up till all hours with a nice bottle of vin, ostensibly keeping an eye on the trap, but really watching the type of lousy movies that are rightly consigned to the 2am slot on Channel Z.
And then you get to have a lie in, once you’ve gone through the catch.
A white sheet to put your trap on is a good idea too – it helps you spot moths lurking near the dazzling light of the mercury vapour bulb, but not in the trap yet.
Do not be tempted to play at being a ghost with the sheet – your better half will simply walk away shaking her head sadly, once she’s loaded your tomfoolery onto social media.


However there’s nothing quite like a good moth haul, with Dempsey Towers scoring a Poplar Kitten (top pic) on Friday evening, and my first Green Silverlines last night (below).


I’m lucky to have a number of great mothing friends, with the dedicated Andy Pryce living a mere Knot Grass flutter away, and it’s handy to check what each other is getting.
‘I’ve got another Small Elephant”, his text read this morning.
Andy is a smashing guy and kindly brought the “small elephant” round for me to have a look at – surprisingly it easily fitted into his car.
Many thanks Andy, a gorgeous hawkmoth.


Total of 37 species and about 160 moths over the last few nights at Dempsey Towers – including large numbers of the tiny Diamondback, a miniscule micro moth currently performing one of the biggest insect influxes into the country since the gargantuan Painted Lady invasion way back when….


I’m sure I read somewhere that the theory seems to be that they are coming from the Scandinavian population (based on wind direction) – if only the owls would catch on too.
Luckily most of the micros jiggered off before they gave me a headache this morning – as did the pugs and carpets.
Thank the lord for small mercies.
Also quite a few Orange Ladybirds in the trap last night too – anyone else catching them?
Superb two nights – beats watching wildfowl sliding into eclipse anyway.