Is it summer yet?


Certainly my mind is turning more to mothing, plantage and dragonflies, but a calling Siskin heading north over my head in the dunes at Ainsdale today suggested it’s not quite time to get off the clock yet.
True, Bee Orchids have joined the blooming Green Winged Orchid, Northern, Southern and Early Marsh Orchids and Common Twayblades, (just the three helleborines, Pyramidal and Common Spotted to go now for the full Sefton coast orchid hit this year), and plenty of birds are feeding young.



House Martins are prospecting around Dempsey Towers for the first time in nearly 20 years, but while they’ve had second and third viewings of one des res under the eaves, there’s been no action yet.
And it’s hot enough for freshly emerged Common Blue butterflies to land on my finger, while Yellow Bellied Slider terrapins bask at the edge of the Sands Lake.



But even after a spring as good as this one, I want more… now, where’s that Lammergeier gone???