The terns that ate my morning


I’d only meant to sit and watch the five Black Terns at Marshside for a few minutes this morning.
An hour and a half later I was still staring as they swept over the water at Rainford’s Pool, stalling and stooping low into the wind.
Their wings turned from silvery white to the colour of oil as the hard morning sun bounced off ’em.




Before I was sucked into a marsh tern black hole, I’d checked the golf course at 8am, but the wind was stronger and cooler today, and it was quiet apart from the singing warblers that have been in place for a fortnight or so already.
A scan of the marsh from Hesketh Road gave me brief views of the Glossy Ibis as it dropped out of sight just north of Wheatear Corner (approx 0845), while Grey Wagtail, 2 Stock Dove and a Common Sandpiper went through.
Swifts were screaming about overhead, mostly paired up and forced low by the wind, and Little Egrets were still on the morning commute.
Up at Sandgrounders, small parties of Dunlins were moving through and another Common Sandpiper whirred in.

3 thoughts on “The terns that ate my morning

  1. Lunt Meadows quiet-all last evening’s goodies seemed to have departed, but Andy Pryce and I had nice views of a Spotted Flycatcher on the island at Sands Lake at about 1300. Another crack at Marshside in the morning, but where have all the Calidris gone?

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  2. Black Terns (wonderful birds!!!) were still smashing it at the Sandplant Lagoon at 8.00 o’clock this evening, joined briefly by two 1st summer (?) Little Gulls; together they made quite a sight. So glad they hung around long enough for me to catch up with them.

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