The soundtrack to, and cure for, a hangover


After a fairly lively (and most entertaining) night in the Legless Arms last night I was a bit slow out of the traps today.
Conditions looked superb though – humid with a lovely south easterly wind, but Plex was obstinately quiet – a few Wheatears and White Wagtails, the usual warblers and Yellowhammers, Orange Tips and Peacocks in Haskayne Cutting, and one or two singing Corn Bunting.


Much as I love the streaky tubsters, the “song” of the Corn Bunting is probably the worst soundtrack to a hangover going – all those twisted and strangled high pitched squeaks were like a Brillo pad being shredded through a cheese grater inside my skull. Not good.
I headed off Plex and went up to Marshside for a break – finally the Glossy Ibis was showing at the same time as I was there and I watched it feeding at the top of Marshside One/Rimmers for about 45 minutes under dark thunderous skies.





The bird was sifting through the shallows of the flooded area at the north end of Marshside One, beside the public footpath between Marshside Road and Hesketh Road. Great views as it strode about in the gloop, quite unconcerned by the people watching it 50 metres away.
The only time it got jittery was when one of the resident Coots began hassling it, chasing the Ibis out of the water several times – you can’t beat a good Coot.


It quite took my mind off the throbbing behind my temples.
Even shot a video of the Ibis, but I haven’t worked out how to load that onto You Tube yet – where’s Uncle Ron when you need him????

3 thoughts on “The soundtrack to, and cure for, a hangover

  1. Fine male Garganey from Hesketh Rd platform at Marshside and a Brimstone butterfly halfway up the footpath between Marshside Rd and Hesketh Rd this morning on a brief and wildly optimistic (and unsuccessful) dart before work to try to connect with Andy Pryce’s Golden Oriole – first for Marshside, excellent work Andy!


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