The lunch is on David.


Lovely spring find by David Tyler today, this drake Garganey was on Sands Lake, Ainsdale, and not backward about coming forward in the warm sun at lunchtime, as Willow Warblers and Chiffies sang above him.
Great to see one nice and close in such mellow conditions – all power to you, David!
He seemed to prefer the south west corner, but sailed all around the island, getting the odd bit of hassle from the resident Gadwall (the Garganey that is, not Big Hairy Dave).
It was warm enough to get the Common Lizards out basking on the coast today too, as Swallows and Sand Martins tore north – not too many House Martins yet though.
Grasshopper Warbler reeling by Ainsdale Discovery Centre at 0830 and 1500.


15 thoughts on “The lunch is on David.

  1. Very nice – bit beyond your normal patch but Liverpool RSPB were at Marbury Country Park last Sunday and we were lucky enough to see a pair of them due to the eagle eyes of Chris Tynan.

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  2. Whitethroats singing in the sheep enclosure this morning but no Ring Ousel that I could find. Peacock and Small Tortoiseshell in our Ormskirk garden, Brown Hares on the field at the end of the garden, and a pair of Grey Partridge for a change.

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  3. Martin Mere

    Spent most of Friday at Martin Mere taking in the reed bed walk and then the reserve. In total 60 species. Highlights were

    1 x Common Sandpiper
    2 x L R Plover
    3 x Whimbrel
    1 x Sedge Warbler
    1 x Whitethroat
    2 x Swallow
    1 x Sand Martin
    3 x House Martin
    1 x Buzzard


  4. While out checking the frontal dunes at Ainsdale for Sand Lizards yesterday I got some great views of the Grasshopper Warbler perched on top of sea buckthorn bushes reeling near your office wish I had a decent camera could have got some great photos.


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