Smew’s company (so sorry about that)


Early doors Rouzel thrills gave way to a course this morning on information compliance.
One minute you’re up, the next…
Actually it was an excellent session, and even I now understand that stashing a pen drive in your undercrackers simply does not constitute “safe data storage” in the eyes of the law.
With the grown-up stuff out of the way and a few hours off, I drove down to the always excellent Lunt Meadows for a look at the drake Smew that turned up there yesterday.




Almost as much fun as watching the Smew “Steamboat Willy-ing” up and down the lagoon, occasionally catching small fish, was bumping into lots of familiar faces – birders were coming from everywhere to hook up with it.
It has been a loooooong time since a drake was get-able in this neck of the woods, so a “Smew twitch” was only to be expected.
Singing Reed Warbler (or was it a Percy Sledge?? I should have paid more attention, I was too busy watching the floating ice cream) in the scrub and reeds behind us, Willow Warbler, Chiffy, and at least 100 hirundines overhead in the very cold, grey sky.
After Lunt, with afternoon rain getting heavier, I rattled over Plex, but in terms of interest, I only managed a single Pink Foot, single Corn Bunt and single Wheatear in that order.

4 thoughts on “Smew’s company (so sorry about that)

  1. Smew beauty !! Lunt Meadows is a gem and only 10 mins away from my house. So thanks to your excellent blog I made a slight detour on the way home from work – luckily or weird foresight?, boots and bins were already in the car. Ticky-tick for me. As regards your course, always remember to “safely remove hardware and eject media” otherwise you run the risk of data corruption of said garments !

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  2. Hi John, had first Redpoll of the year in the garden today, feeding on nyger seed, also 3 Siskin on sunflower hearts and 3 Reed Buntings, but only one Greenfinch.


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