More Redpoll, no Twite


Managed to call in at Weld Road for 30 minutes or so late this afternoon – Skylarks going bonkers, Mipits and at least six Redpolls still on site, but much easier to watch in the sunshine and light, if cold wind.
These cracking little finches were scoffing seeds furiously in the high strandline, ignoring passersby so that I was able to walk within a few feet of them while they carried on feeding, or perched up on the sedges, their red caps glowing in the spring sun.



No sign of any Twite though – perhaps they were elsewhere on this stretch of coast at the time, or perhaps they’ve finally cleared off?
(Earlier several Chiffchaffs singing away on the NNR at Ainsdale).

9 thoughts on “More Redpoll, no Twite

  1. Wheatear feeding along the tide wrack in front of the green beach again this morning, a beautiful female this time and much flightier than the male a few days ago. Were the Redpolls north or south of Weld Road John?

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    • The Redpolls are in the old tideline north of the Weld Rd car park Tony – in much the same areas favoured by the Twite there, which they often hang out with.


  2. Two Redpoll, but no Twite at Weld Road this morning, 1 Water Pipit at Crossens Outer, and two Scaup at the Junction Pool at Marshside and a Swallow through too. Lovely morning’s birding.

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      • Just read on another blog that Stumpy has something wrapped around his remaining foot. Is there anything that can be done for him as I don’t imagine he will be able to cope with no feet? Sorry John I know I shouldn’t look at other blogs! Cheers Chris.

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  3. Hi Chris – the string on his remaining leg has been there since he first got entangled, it’s not new. If people didn’t dump so much crap, gulls wouldn’t have this problem.


    • I think shape-shifting Redpolls do my head in at the best of times Danny!
      The hard light makes the birds look frostier and paler than they were (see earlier blog entry called “Pain” with lousier light and lousier pictures for an impression of the buffy nature of their plumage), and they were certainly quite small, not colder, greyer and bigger like Mealies.
      Extensive red on the crown, brownish rumps and not much contrast in the ear covert department has me leaning towards Lessers too…
      On the other hand, streaking on the vent appeared minimal.
      I am open to suggestion Redpoll-wise so you may well be right!!!


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