Mosses waiting


Quiet, like the lull before the storm of spring passage out on the mosses today, but good and bright, with 45 Curlew feeding alongside approximately 200 Common Gulls on Plex, Common Buzzards circling and just a handful of Pink Feet in the distance out on Carr Moss.
Corn Bunting and Skylark on Plex, but neither were singing, yet the latter was chuntering away over the Withins.
Lapwings chilling at a few of the shallow floods in the ploughed fields – these could be great wader traps if they don’t drain in the next week or two.


Eight Rooks feeding off Plex Moss Lane with Carrion Crows and Jackdaws – presumably these are birds from the rookery(s) at Scarisbrick.
More Curlews, Shelduck, Common Buzzards and Pied Wags out on the Withins, where a nice young male Merlin kept an eye on things from an old hay bale, waiting to pounce on any Mipit dumb enough to come too close.
First Wheatear can’t be far off now, but the wait is always a killer.

One thought on “Mosses waiting

  1. I found a sand weevil out and about on the Green Beach this afternoon. Don’t remember seeing one as early as this before. Further researches on the internet narrow it down to Black Marram Weevil (Otiorhynchus atroapterus). This is a dune specialist found locally around the coasts of Britain, including here. It is quite closely related to the Vine Weevil (Otiorhynchus sulcatus).


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