Let sleeping ducks lie


With a break in the sleet forecast for the afternoon I picked up Tropical Thomason and we buzzed up to a muddy and bleak Hesketh Out Marsh today.
Conditions were a tad challenging but Trops was after year ticking the Yankee wigeon (I think he was swanning around Jamaica when it turned up)…and who could say “no” to gob like that?


Plenty of Teal and Wigeon on the water but the Pinkies (approximately 500 or so) were too flighty to work through, especially with a Typhoon ripping the sky a new *rsehole overhead.


Despite all this racket, the best candidate we could find for American Wigeon today snoozed away amongst the Wigeon and Teal, down past the big log, only waking up after we’d had a good soaking as we waited for it to stir, by which time we were suitably caked in mud, despair and sheep poop.



Finally saw the underwing/axilliaries on this bird today, which looked a bit greyish, (although my view was fleeting through a wind-shaken scope), and we did wonder if it should be developing a stronger head pattern by now?
At least one of the Spot Reds was more amenable, flying past us before pitching down nearer the bus shelter.
About 70 Whoopers on the fields nearer Banks, but the weather closed in all too quickly…destination Guesty!!!