Grey sky, grey sea, black dots.


A crispy, clear sunny morning inevitably slid into grey cloud and biting cold as my lunchbreak approached – but I gave a seawatch a go at Ainsdale anyway.
About 1,200 Common Scoter strung out offshore, but of those perhaps 300 were close enough to work, and nothing odd jumped out.
Stumpy the Caspian Gull was riding the icy updraughts around the empty hulk of Toad Hall and a few alba wags (is it too early in the year to stop calling them all Pieds yet?) called overhead.

Ainsdale 1220-1320:

Common Scoter 1,200
Great Crested Grebe 4
Red Throated Diver 2
Eider 2

Disappointingly quiet apart from the Common Scoters, and a chilly hour was enlivened only by a pair of Eiders bombing south.
6 RB Mergs offshore here yesterday, but I couldn’t pick any out today.