Valentine’s – an ornithological grey area.


Can be a bit iffy sneaking out birding on Valentine’s Day of course, but the card was delivered, the wine was in the fridge, I’d hung out the laundry, cleaned out the wood-burner and washed up the breakfast stuff.
Besides, Mrs D still had to get the week’s shopping AND finish wallpapering the bedroom today, and it would have been wrong of me to distract her…
Got down to Marshside about lunchtime, where the Scaup were dozing away from Hesketh Road. Bitterly cold.
Two male Pochard on the Sandplant lagoon were as comatose as the Scaup.
Five Whoopers over.
One of the Great White Egrets spent most of the day on Marshside Two and Crossens Inner, but was a whole lot closer than they normally are (ie you didn’t need the Hubble to see it).
Watched it from the Polly’s Creek bench and Sandgrounders for most of the afternoon.
Stately, but I shoulda stuck to digiscoping…



Mipits and one Rock Pipit on the outer marsh, but apart from Kestrel and Common Buzzard, the place was disappointingly light on raptors.
About 1,000 Pinks on Crossens Outer but a bit too far out to work through accurately.

5 thoughts on “Valentine’s – an ornithological grey area.

  1. Pretty quiet walk, but 6 Shoveler, 4 Pochard and a Water Rail calling at Sands Lake, Ainsdale this afternoon. Skylark in full song over the New Green Beach.


  2. Found two female Scaup from Raines hide at MMWWT this afternoon, managed to get Andy onto them for his year list.
    A late afternoon spin over Halsall/Carr Moss area produced at least 100 Whoopers in scattered groups, 3000+ distant Pinks on the west end of Car Moss Lane, Barn Owl and 6 Yellowhammer on Carr Moss Lane and a mixed flock of Skylark, Linnet and Fieldfare at the west end contained at least 50 Fieldfare, with another flock of about the same size half a mile further east along the lane. Also Buzzard and Kestrel out there.

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