‘Scopes don’t bounce.


I don’t know many people who can still beam widely after their scope has sheared off the tripod head and clattered onto one of the few hard stretches of path not carpetted in cushioning sheep shit and mud at HoM…but Andy Pryce can!
Klunk. Tinkle.
Hey presto – a scope in three pieces!!!
Hardly fair after Andy, Trops and I had spent a good hour hunkered down amongst said sheep shit and mud ‘scoping the Wigeon horde for another glimpse of the American Wigeon without success this morning.
Ah well, it’s still an impressive sight to see the reserve flooding on a high tide.


Earlier Marshside had the Great White Egret, two Common Buzzard, Merlin and Marsh Harrier.
Few Whoopers on the way to HoM, but it was pretty quiet, so we headed over to Martin Mere.
Even more Whoopers there obviously.



We wandered down to the Ronnie Barker after a quick chat with Andy Bunting at In Focus.
The Tawny Owl was showing well as usual on the path down….


Ample birdage to play with from the hide – wildfowl, Ruff, raptors (Buzzards, Marsh Harrier and Kestrels) and one of the much photographed Barn Owls was still quartering the fields there.
I am a birder, not a photographer, which should be obvious from this blog.



Lapwings everywhere – much the same as Marshside yesterday (two Peregrines, an adult and a juv on the murk) and Lunt on Saturday and Sunday, when I popped down to see the snappers, sorry, Short Eared Owls (I had up to three over the weekend there – SEOs not snappers – I’m sure there were more) at dusk.
Perhaps if I stand next to snappers often enough some photographification may rub off on me and my images will be in focus… Perhaps.