Like a wet mirror…


I resisted the temptation to check through the gulls at the north end of Ainsdale beach at lunchtime and tried a seawatch on the falling tide from the dunes instead – it was flat calm and visibility wasn’t too bad until a bank of mist came rolling in.
Still mighty pleasant ‘scoping with almost warmth from the sun on my back.
Not too much out there today, which wasn’t entirely surprising given the high winds of late, but fun just to be able to scan the water again.

Ainsdale, 1215-1315:
Red Breasted Merg 7
Great Crested Grebe 5
Red Throated Diver 4
Common Scoter 51
Teal 2

The scoter horde is still scattered after the gales, but I hope they’ll build up again – or will they all head down to the North Wirral shore like last year???
Interesting to see one or two scoters actually diving today – usually they just doze on the swell off Ainsdale.