Fast water


The flow of water down the Crossens Channel was so impressive this afternoon that as I watched Teal and Wigeon whizzing down on the current, I couldn’t get the “Hawaii Five-0” theme tune out of my head – an awful lot of water is going down there…
In the cold wind one of the Great White Egrets was wandering about, but it was a long way off the road. Small groups of Pinks were far closer.


Few Mipits, and many Lapwings (with an especially large winter flock on the outer marsh off HoM later on), while Marshside itself is obviously heavily flooded.
The waders (mainly Blackwits and Redshanks) were crowded onto the few remaining dry banks on Marshside One and a Pochard was feeding with the Tufties from Hesketh Road.
Out of the wind, a Common Buzzard was perched up under the willows – don’t usually see them stationary on M1, or at least I don’t.
You can just make it out on the fenceline in this pic.


Weld Road was busy with dogwalkers as I went past, but it was reassuring to see that a “Gull Called Arse” (R4RS) was still present after all these years – it’s nothing if not reliable as far as Herring Gulls go.


Merlin and Peregrine spooking everything on Marshside Two despite the bitter wind (I fear “the winter that never was” will soon be a distant, fond memory if these conditions continue) but it was tough to get inspired today.
Whoopers from the road out by Marsh Farm, and at HoM, Fieldfare and the resident Barn Owl to end the day.