Owl break


Just before the inevitable satsuma and snorker tsunami that will engulf the more fortunate residents of this planet over the coming days builds, crests and topples down on me, I thought I’d grab an hour or so quality owl time at Lunt Meadows while the sun shone this afternoon.
The place was rammed with photographers – but I think this is a good thing…the owls’ huge feeding areas are fenced off, so the birds are untroubled and it brings the owls to a wider audience, which has got to be great news – these days we should be shouting about any cool conservation stuff as loud as possible.
The more the merrier I say – and Lunt’s popularity keeps other hunting areas that are more susceptible to disturbance well out of the limelight.


There were two, possibly three Short Eared Owls up and hunting while I was there today, hovering like great big moths over the rank vegetation.
I didn’t see any with prey, but they pounced plenty of times, when they weren’t chasing off the local Kestrels.


It was superb to bump into photographer Richard Steel there, although he was quite hard to spot in all that camouflage gear.
Readers of the old, and infinitely mightier Birdblog, that bestrode the interweb like a wobbly colossus of Quality Street wrappers, will remember the stunning images Richard used to regularly send me of all manner of birds.
Although we were in contact frequently via email, we’d never met before today, so that was pretty cool.
And Pete Wheeler was there, and catching up with him was great too.
I imagine their images turned out a bit better than mine….as well they should given the size of the lenses the guys were toting – the hardware on show was bigger than two of those giant Toblerones that tend to turn up in a day or so.
Happy Xmas all.