Gull nightmare incoming


Watched the GBBs marauding the Wigeon and Teal at Marshside for awhile at Sandgrounders this lunchtime…great lumbering brutes that sweep lazily in, spooking the fit in the hope of locating the sick ducks below.
Usually these monsters just drop onto a victim, whacking ’em with their big mean bill, but one bird today appeared to be striking out at prey in the air with it’s big galooty feet, in the same way a stooping Peregrine “punches” prey, where the bone-shattering impact is sufficient to secure din dins.
Didn’t work for the gull – perhaps it’s spindly legs don’t absorb and transfer power the same way the stocky legs and talons of a Peregrine do.
Whatever, at least the gull was learning (and that’s what life is about after all), if going hungry, and I”m sure this was okay with the Wigeon.
Otherwise it was ducks, ducks, ducks from Sandgrounders today.


Pleasant in the ridiculously mild conditions – I was half expecting Sand Martins to start pushing north (!), especially after watching a Red Admiral fluttering around the roof of the RSPB office at the Churchtown end of Marshside Road.
Warm enough to try seawatching from Ainsdale over the last two days with none of the usual winter discomfort, and, it has to be said, with none of the winter good stuff either, apart from the Common Scoter scarf, RB Mergs and Great Crested Grebes.