Sometimes a little is all you need…


Coming back from a job, I found myself on Plex Moss this afternoon and paused to admire this fine herd of Whoopers as the sun began to slide away…there were 102 of ’em rooting around in the rich black soil, and calling in the chilled and still air.
Very peaceful.
The swans were accompanied by 27 Pink Feet.
As I watched them a Barn Owl went by, hunting in one of the narrow ditches that bisects the fields, often disappearing below the banks, only to rise up and hover again a few metres away.
Plex also had a few Redwings, hunting Sprawk and Corn Bunting.
Not a lot I know, but sometimes a little is all you need…
Earlier in the day I’d scanned the waves before starting work at Ainsdale – the grey light of December can be quite good for working through the scoters when it’s not too windy, but I couldn’t find anything amongst them today, and the scoter scarf has yet to pull itself back together again after the recent gales – birds are still scattered about in small groups.
GBBs were prowling over the swell too this morning – up to five of ’em, and I wondered if they were looking to pick off exhausted scoters in the same way as they predate the wildfowl at Marshside.
If they were, the tactic didn’t seem to be working and the scoters resolutely refused to flush.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes a little is all you need…

  1. The tragic effects of Storm Desmond are being seen across many parts of Lancashire and Cumbria and like many places, RSPB Leighton Moss and Morecambe Bay nature reserve is feeling it too.
    The popular Silverdale site has seen huge rises in its water levels, causing the paths across the nature reserve to become flooded – but visitors are encouraged to pull on their wellies and come and enjoy all the reserve has to offer.
    Annabel Rushton, Visitor Experience Manager at RSPB Leighton Moss, said: “We’ve seen a huge dent in visitor numbers since Storm Desmond hit the North West. At this time of year, we would normally be busy with people Christmas shopping, enjoying lunch in our cafe and heading out onto the nature reserve for some relaxation time watching wildlife.
    “However, we are very much still open and most of the nature reserve is still accessible in wellies. Our resident family of otters have been out and about fishing in the deeper pools and the marsh harriers can be spotted hunting low over the reeds.”
    With the Christmas sale starting in the reserve’s shop on Wednesday 16 December, the staff and volunteers at Leighton Moss are hoping more people are encouraged to visit. The visitor centre is open everyday (except Christmas Day) from 9.30 am-4.30 pm.
    For more information on Leighton Moss visit


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