The sombre day


Completely appropriate weather for what’s always a sombre and moving morning, but I’d hoped it would pick up a bit in the afternoon as I got out onto the mosses – it didn’t.
Low grey cloud, rain and strengthening wind made for typical “November grim”- blackening trees, wet fields and mud – so I was surprised to see two Short Eared Owls perched up in the fading light when I finally made it to Lunt Meadows late on.
Gorgeous things, they were hassled by the local Kestrels and spooked by walkers, but in conditions this bad I wasn’t expecting any on the wing, so the encounter was a plus.
At least three birds up (with as many as seven seen in the week here), with a far more sensible Barn Owl hunting from a sheltered post in the lee of one of the plantations.
Siskin, and small numbers of Fieldfares and Jays moving through, but the light was fading fast and as the rain got heavier I splashed off the site at about 4pm….too gloomy for digiscoping, but great to watch the owls.


Earlier there were Fieldfares on the Withins (20+) and a particularly large, wild and flighty flock on Plex (120 birds); and at least two Grey Wagtails through overhead there.
Still feels strange to drive the tracks over there now they’ve been resurfaced…where’s the fun in that?
Great Spotted Woodpeckers on Plex may have been migrants too – or just local birds checking out the old telegraph poles for a change.


I ‘scoped three different Greater ‘Peckers, but none showed any characteristics of northerns unfortunately.
Not too many Skylarks or Corn Bunts out there today either – but that’s hardly surprising given the weather…sensible beasties were sheltering today rather than wandering about.

One thought on “The sombre day

  1. Four Twite drinking in the puddles at Weld Road before the rains set in at the weekend. Plenty more places for them to get a drink now…


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