Can’t ignore them anymore…


I confess I’ve been turning something of a blind eye to the Pink Feet for the last week or so – small groups here and there on the mosses, the odd party overhead in the evening – but there was no ignoring them this afternoon as I worked in the garden at Dempsey Towers.
A steady stream of birds, at least a thousand or so, were moving low in the eastern sky over Plex, calling away as they drifted south, presumably towards the roost on the Alt estuary.
Undeniably evocative (the sound is in the blood of anyone from round here after all), but it’s what they’re evocative of that’s the problem this year – not sure I’m ready for another grey, cold winter just yet.
Clearly other birds apart from geeses on the move today – Goldcrests and Jays in the garden, with Mipits and Skylarks calling overhead.
Speckled Woods, Red Admiral, Large White and Common Darter out in the sun too.