Another rummage at Ravenmeols


Once the Southport Airshow Chinook had “wompa-wompa-wompa-ed” the fillings out of the back teeth of the Migrant Hawkers at Dempsey Towers and the sun started to break through, I headed down to Range Lane for a rummage in the bushes and away from the aviation, to see if there was much passage early this afternoon.
Clearly Goldcrests were on the move, with at least 11 in the bushes around the old Operation Starfish building (did anyone else see one – a Goldcrest, not a Starfish – today? there’s no charge for using the comments box y’know), and single Redpoll and Yellow Wagtail went south overhead.
Single Whinchat, with just one Stonechat in the fields at the end of Range Lane, 6-7 Chiffchaffs (2 in full song), 1 Blackcap, 8 Robins, titmice and Chaffinches.
Got back to Ainsdale at about 4pm as the big noisy metal things were still tearing holes in the blue sky, and there were Goldcrest calling away in our garden too.
Top marks to one of the Common Buzzards perched up on the poles leading down to Marsh Farm today.
The raptor was quickly surrounded by a gang of about 12 squawking and chattering Magpies, Jackdaws and Carrion Crows.
The buzzard didn’t budge, it merely lifted its tail and fired a foul jet of poop – scoring a direct hit on a Magpie that got too close…superb.