Seawatch interruptus


The freshening westerly saw me giving an Ainsdale seawatch a punt at lunchtime today (1240-1330), but it was mighty sunny which always makes things harder here.
It was predictably quiet in terms of passage, with 70-100 Sandwich Terns almost certainly local traffic, just a handful of Gannets, two auk sp and a Great Crested Grebe north.
Hard to say how many Common Scoter were offshore in the swell, but I’d guess at least 1,000 birds already, stretching down towards Freshfield and bobbing about as they slept.
I was joined by Pete Kinsella, and as we chatted a fine young Peregrine came cruising over the frontal dune ridge, only seeing us at the last second and shearing off.
Good close views – I even managed these two dodgy point and press shots with me box brownie.


Blurry, but better than a poke in the eye with a sharp (-ened) stick based on my usual standard.
Krusty the Caspian Gull still about and still hobbled, but far fewer hirundines on the move today.