A hobbled gull and wooden waders


Poor old Krusty the Caspian Gull was still looking in a bit of a state today, with his long legs all tangled up, but at least he came over to have a look at our event featuring “The Flock”.
600+ carved and individually painted waders – you can see a gallery from the event at facebook.com/seftoncoast
Managed to attract a few hundred people too, which was good on World Shorebird Day


Must see if something can be done to help poor Krusty…
After work I nipped up to Marshside but the wind was blowing cold and the site was quiet, despite growing numbers of Wigeon, Teal, Snipe and Blackwits.
Hirundines never looked so miserable.

3 thoughts on “A hobbled gull and wooden waders

  1. John you say “must see if something can be done to help poor Krusty”. I hope that you chaps can come up with a plan, that right leg looks really bad. I was wondering if the use of a rocket net had been considered.


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