Gone seawatchin’


And as you can see, this time we’re taking it seriously.
Back soon – but please use the comment thingy and let me know what you’ve been getting, so we can see what we’ve been missing when we return – if that makes sense.
Setting sombreros to stun…
Here’s to the wind, the rain and the waves…


And failing that, there’s always Killian Mullarney’s “doodling”!

4 thoughts on “Gone seawatchin’

  1. On the way to Morrisons, I popped into Weld Road for a quick look over the tide. Sandwich Terns are never numerous at Birkdale like they are just along at Ainsdale, so it was nice to hear one calling somewhere on arrival. That one disappeared but a few minutes later, 3 more appeared just south of the car park. Otherwise the water was too high for much wader action and I didn’t have time to walk down to the roost. A few Oycs and odd Knot and Dunlin knocking about, but nowhere really for them to roost here today. A single Little Egret wandering about in the marsh was nice.


  2. Usual suspects around at Ainsdale as the tide rose today, but this is a good thing since Sanderlings are one of my favourite birds. A juvenile Gannet plunge dived close enough inshore to give great views with the bins, and the fishing terns are always good value. A pristine Wall Brown butterfly was near the Discovery Centre, the first I’ve ever seen in the dunes.


  3. We’ve got noisy woodpeckers during the day and noisy owls at night – the joy of the peaceful Normandy
    countryside! Enjoy the sea and sun.


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