A break from Krusty


While Krusty the Caspian Gull is undeniably a fine individual and it’s great to see him give pleasure to so many people on a daily basis (top flypast in front of the tower window today Krusty!), there’s only so long you can watch those lovely long shapely pins buckling under the weight of a relentless barrage of bread.
An early morning seawatch at Ainsdale took my mind off the Caspian Gull, but only produced a light but steady passage of Gannets, perhaps 7-8 distant Manx Shearwaters, small numbers of Common Scoter and fishing Sandwich and Common Terns.
Small numbers of Small Tortoiseshell and Peacocks on the move too.
No sign of some of the skuas that went past the Fylde unfortunately.
Needing a bit more birding I popped up to Marshside after work, enjoying Blackwits and Common Sandpiper in front of Sandgrounders, tasteless young Tufties, and growing numbers of Teal in the gutters and channels.
Quiet otherwise, apart from Snipe and Redshank, and a scruffy Little Egret down at Hesketh Road.


But at least it felt autumnal, and that means it’s all to play for over the next two months…

2 thoughts on “A break from Krusty

  1. Lots of House Martins and Swallows hunting across the beach and dunes at Ainsdale this morning, and a mystery butterfly in the marram grass just behind the Discovery Centre – at least one that I couldn’t identify from its underwing. It looked sort of like a Meadow Brown, but in its frequent flights the upperwings looked far too pale, and quite heavily patterned with spots and or blotches. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Speckled Wood either (too bright) and too big for Gatekeeper. No orange to be seen. A seal pup carcass had been washed up just south of the parking area, presumably on last night’s tide (this was before high tide this morning), still furry and apart from the obviously smashed skull and the flies, looking in decent condition. Shame.


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