Put down the bread. And step away from the gulls.


Acutely conscious that it’s been a real gull summer locally, so I resisted the charms of a repeat audience with the Caspian Kid on Ainsdale beach and nipped down to Lunt this afternoon to look for something different.
Should probably have stuck with the laridae – the temperature was dropping and the cloud thickening, so it was more like October than August by the time I walked round to the first blind.
Two Little Egrets amongst a seedy collection of eclipse ducks (Gadwall, Teal, Mallard, Tufties), Moorhen and Coot.
Five Ruff were pleasing and fed quite close, while Lapwings and Snipe were dropping in through a blizzard of down from a bazillion thistleheads going to seed.
LBBs, Herring Gulls, BHGs and 20+ Common Gulls out on the water (leave it John).
Hirundines scooting over the reeds, but way too cold for any insects other than Six Spot Burnets and Cinnabar caterpillars clinging to the Ragwort, and probably shivering their little bits off.

2 thoughts on “Put down the bread. And step away from the gulls.

  1. A satellite-tagged Cuckoo, named Chris after wildlife presenter Chris Packham, is giving scientists at the British Trust for Ornithology sleepless nights.
    Chris, who was fitted with a satellite-tag in 2011 has been providing scientists with ground-breaking information on Cuckoo migration. He left Britain on 4th July on his annual migration to Africa, arriving at his usual stop-over site in the Po valley, northern Italy on 16th July. On arrival however, Chris will have faced a tough time with the region experiencing its worst drought in years. The lack of rain is likely to have limited vegetation growth and reduced the availability of caterpillars, the preferred food of Chris and other Cuckoos. This is bad news for those British Cuckoos who use this area to fatten up, providing them with the energy to make a successful crossing of the Sahara Desert. Several of BTO’s tagged Cuckoos, Chris included, spent a much shorter time in northern Italy than usual, suggesting they found the conditions there unfavourable. The satellite-tag revealed that Chris left northern Italy but now appears to be ‘missing in action’ in the middle of the Sahara Desert.
    To see Chris the Cuckoos journey, please visit http://www.bto.org/cuckoos


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