A weird week, and it’s only Monday


Painting wooden waders and poking Sand Lizards with the under-12s on Saturday; drawing Mandala sand fish on the beach at Ainsdale all day yesterday, then today I spent the afternoon in the company of a fascinating scientist who examined the skellington of a 17th century Cistercian bone by bone to try to establish the cause of death.
Yup, it’s been a strange week, and it’s only Monday.
Tomorrow it’s all about inflatable cetaceans at Crosby Lakeside Adventure Centre – say what you like about us, but our “Waders, Walks and Whales” Festival is nothing if not varied…
Busy, busy, busy, so I had to go and do the weekly shop this evening.
Clearly the only sensible thing to do was head north and try again for the Preston Ring Billed Gull, having missed it last Friday with Baz and Trops.
As a shopping strategy it seemed a winner.
However I began to seriously question the wisdom of this “grocery-lite” approach to my role as consumer, after I pulled up at Preston dock in bright evening sun to learn the gull hadn’t been seen since early afternoon.
Even the Green Frog had gone home.
Fortunately the Ring Billed materialised on the pontoons after about 40 minutes, and although the hard sun meant digiscoping was bound to be major poop, I watched the gull for 20 minutes or so as it dozed.


Showed the bird to a group of curious passing ragamuffins on battered BMX bikes that looked like they’d just been pulled out of the dock, and was informed by the most confident of ’em that the gull was “really sick” once they’d all had a scopeful.
Still not sure if that’s a positive or negative…