Spitfire easy; Hobbys hard.


Called in at the wondrous Lunt Meadows this afternoon, in time to watch two Hobbys dealing aerial death to the site’s dragonfly population.
Breathtaking to watch the two of them as they twisted and turned in the air, repeatedly scoring – very cool (although not if you were a Four Spot Chaser or Black Tailed Skimmer).
However they proved near impossible to digi-scope, unlike the Spitfire that was roaring above Dempsey Towers earlier in the day, presumably as part of an Armed Forces Day flypast.


At least I assume it was a Spitfire (plane buffs may like to help me out?) – it certainly had a great big noisy growly engine, and when I looked at it I came over all William Walton and Benjamin Britten.
In contrast the Hobbys zoomed in and out of my eye-piece at what appeared to be twice the speed of sound today (which is of course my excuse for the blurry pics)…zooooooooom!!!



Little Egret, Blackcap, Sedge and Reed Warbler, with a few Meadow Browns out too.
Yesterday in the dunes at Ainsdale good numbers of Dark Green Fritillaries were bustling over the Creeping Willow and a very worn Painted Lady tottered through the Bog Pimpernel – superb, so it’s a shame some shit-for-brains decided to set fire to an area of dune there last night.
Makes you wanna weep, doubtless I’ll get more on the scale of the damage tomorrow…