Mud and feathers.


No stars on the RBA map over Bardsey and a strong westerly meant planning for an early morning crossing and a spot of bunting hunting tomorrow was pointless, so I spent an hour or two at Marshside.
Bumped into Ralph Jones and we scurried down to Nels against the rain and wind – it was more like March than June this morning.
Water levels have dropped nicely and there’s lots of exposed mud, strewn with the moulted feathers of scabby wildfowl heading towards eclipse plumage, but a juv Ringed Plover was worth a grilling (they always are).


About 25 Redshanks and a similar number of Blackwits were joined by small parties of Dunlin, two or three adult Ringed Plover and a few Curlew, but not much else.


Best of all was a fly-through Great White Egret that headed high south west over Marshside One and Southport, that I managed to get in the ‘scope long enough for that great big yellow bill to shine in the hard light.
Three or four Little Egrets today too, Bee Orchids going over now near Sandgrounders Hide, Northern Marsh Orchids still showing off on Marshside Two and a Common Tern paid a brief visit to the lagoon.
Reed Warblers occasionally squawking away under Nels despite the reeds whishing about in the wind.