I love potatoes!!!!


When the darkness stops crashing down and you can start getting glimpses of stuff again, the only sensible thing to do after twisting your melon backwards over a Stonechat (just how far east can you go until west comes round again???) is to head off and have a look at a nice “easy” Blue Headed Wagtail – so many thanks to Colin Bushell for this bird out at HoM.
Great views of it perching up in the spuds at the west end today, and while it was certainly quite subtle and pale in coloration, the amount of yellow on the face and up under the ear-coverts, and the messy markings made pinning it down to a specific race, cline, flare or drainpipe, about as worthwhile as trusting a cricket-loving grice farmer with a Hen Harrier.
That said it’s always lovely to watch a Blue Headed Wagtail, especially as “bog standard” Yellow Wags, Avocets, Arctic Terns, Little Egrets and singing Skylarks were the backdrop.




Wall butterfly on the bank, with Red Admiral and Painted Lady moving along too.


Two Eiders made me feel old as they dropped in amongst the grace of the Arctic Terns that danced through the air above the lagoons – HoM never fails to please (and ten out of ten to the fatso Little Owl on the lamp post just before Marshfield Farm).


One thought on “I love potatoes!!!!

  1. Four calling Crossbills circling low over Lifeboat Road car park at Formby this morning, before heading off over the pines to the south east.


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