Spent two hours in Nels this afternoon, giving the waders a good sifting.
The heavy rain last night and this morning meant water levels were a bit higher (too deep for stinty-winty action anyway), but the Dunlin flock began swirling about after an early afternoon nap, dropping into the flooded grasses to feed just to the right of Nels.
At least three Curlew Sandpipers, all in various stages of summer plumage.
A single female Ruff flew in briefly.
One Dunlin with a bright straw yellow central crown stripe nearly had me falling off my scope until it emerged from the grass to show full summer plumage apart from the aberrant head-gear.
A pair of Garganey materialised from the vegetation briefly, looking mighty shifty, and the Avocets and Reed Warblers were as noisy as ever.