A constant stream


Tied up with various “stuff” today, so couldn’t find time for a proper seawatch off Ainsdale, which was a pity given the 9m tide, squalls and heaven-sent south westerly battering hell out of the coast.
One thing was obvious though; there was a MAJOR movement of Gannets and Manx Shearwaters taking place – I couldn’t begin to estimate how many were passing from the tower, but I do know that every time I looked out parties of both were sweeping south, often pretty close inshore, pretty much all afternoon until the tide fell back and the kitesurfers came out to play.
Superb to see the Manxies and Gannets effortlessly sailing south at speed, riding the wind like poor man’s albatrosses.
One or two were steaming north, but most were piling down into Liverpool Bay.
Certainly hundreds of birds involved, with two Fulmars, occasional Common Scoter (scoter numbers have really dwindled away now and will remain low until the end of July) and a Guillemot too revealed in snatched glimpses out of the salt-stained window – if only I could have ‘scoped it properly… ah well, there will doubtless be other days.