What lunchbreaks are for #2: Pec Sand, Marshside


An excellent text from Bazzo at 12.30pm today saw me scurrying down the path to Nels as fast as my stubby little legs could carry me 20 minutes later for a butcher’s at the Pectoral Sandpiper he’d just discovered.
Don’t know why it happens, but whenever you’re trying to get down from Marshside Road to the hide quickly, the path seems to get longer with every step you take.
Anyway, I got there and Bazzo explained: “It’s okay, it’s right in front of us….sh*t it’s just flown!”
Luckily it didn’t go far and we ‘scoped the Pec Sand as it fed with Ruff, Dunlin and Ringed Plover in the wet grass south of Nels for half an hour or so before I lost it in the vegetation.
At least 200 Dunlin on Marshside One, probably more, but restless.
Truly dreadful digi-scopage ensued.




The man they call “Mr Marshside” (if they don’t, they should) is certainly on a roll this spring with Pec Sand, Redstart, Wood Warbler, Cetti’s Warbler and Ring Ouzel all nailed by himself on the patch.


Nice work Bazzo… and my first Swift of the year into the bargain, just squeaking into April and arc-ing south.