Back to reality


Crushing the spirit like an anvil, the brutally cold westerly put paid to any serious passerine passage on the coast today (a seawatch would have been a better bet).
Had a quick look at Weld Road which hosted a single Meadow Pipit.
I nipped up to Marshside at lunchtime anyway and spent some time chilling my marrow on the platform at Hesketh Road.
Swallows, House and Sand Martins struggling to sail the wind, and Reed Warbler singing in the SSSI reminded me that it will be warm again one day (maybe), otherwise scanning through the waders seemed the sensible option.
Up to 70 Dunlin and 15+ Ringed Plovers at the back of the lagoon, with at least three winter plumage Dunlin, doing their best Curlew Sand impressions, Ruff and Redshank, but it was hard keeping the ‘scope steady in the wind.
Checked through 120+ Blackwits, many in glorious summer plumage, for something else without success – but you never know.

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