After the trauma


All shed-owners know and fear the words.
“It needs a bit of a clear-out doesn’t it?”
Guaranteed to send a shiver down the spine.
So many priceless artefacts went off to the dump yesterday before I could whine “but I might need that broken pot.”
How will I ever replace that ten-year-old packet of bone meal?
Where will I find an old bin bag full of rotting twigs like that one?
And as for the box of rusty nails and old Wood Mouse nest, well….
It’s gonna take me years to fill the shed with that much crap again.
Easing the pain, Holly Blue and my first Brimstone ever in the garden at Dempsey Towers yesterday, with what looked like a Wall zipping past in the warm sun.
To get over Shed Trauma 2015 I reset the alarm and drove down to Cabin Hill WAY too early this morning, stumbling down Range Lane at 0715 after a light frost.
The nip in the air kept the phylloscs quiet till about 8am, but plenty of Blackcaps were singing or feeding around the site.
Once it warmed up a tad, the Willow Warbler chorus really rang out.
A scattering of Wheatears and growing numbers of Swallows as the morning yawned and got its dog-walkers on, although the highlights were undoubtedly a buzzy Tree Pipit over the grazing enclosure and a reeling Grasshopper Warbler in the dunes.
Despite two circuits of the site, it didn’t feel like much was moving, so as I was in that neck of the woods, I headed down to Gorsey Lane behind Hightown, where 70+ splendid White Wagtails were feeding in the ploughed fields, and at least 3 Corn Buntings were singing.


A quick trawl of the mosses in case of any early “you-know-whats”, produced a fine Merlin on the Withins, which sped off before the wheels had quite stopped (hence pants shot above) – as they always do.
One day one will sit still long enough for me to count the tail bands…