Sometimes you just gotta get out, so in a busy week that ain’t over yet, I grabbed 45 minutes down at Marshside late this afternoon.
The young Little Gull was still feeding away over the Junction Pool, relentlessly sweeping up and down, and grabbing midges off the surface when it wasn’t being hassled by BHGs.
Made me feel dizzy watching it – perpetual motion is all well and good, but a nice sit down has its plus points too, so I went on to Nels and enjoyed the Golden Plover, Avocets and yikkering Little Grebes.
Just one Chiffchaff in the bushes there.
A loose cloud of about 70-100 hirundines were hawking over Marshside One, mainly Sand Martins and Swallows with one or two House Martins.
Before the evening air dropped cool it was wonderful to watch ’em, despite the rush hour drone building on the Coast Road behind me.

2 thoughts on “Hypnotic

  1. 3+ singing Willow Warbler, 5+ singing Chiffchaff round Sands Lake, Ainsdale at lunchtime. Light, but steady passage of Swallows north over the frontal dunes throughout the day..


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