Not my day.


With the mist and rain low as a snake’s belly as it drifted across Plex, it was never going to be that busy out there today, but I was hoping for a bit more now that we are well into April.
Lapwings tumbling and sitting and Skylarks singing, but only a handful of Mipits and alba wags moving, which was a surprise as I’d bumped into my first White Wag of the year on the roundabout by Southport beach entrance only yesterday lunchtime.
No Wheatears on the ploughed fields of Plex today, although a single Golden Plover sounded all the more forlorn as it called in the drizzle, crouching down whenever a Herring Gull or LBB passed over, until it was driven off by the Lapwings.
A Chiffchaff was singing away to no one in particular at the top of Haskayne Cutting, which played host to Tree Sparrow, Goldcrest and Yellowhammer, much as you’d expect.
Thought I caught a snatch of distant Willow Warbler song, but the phrase wasn’t repeated, and I wrote it off to wishful thinking.