Undeniably a bit slow on the spring migration front at Marshside this morning, although it was certainly milder.
Goldcrest and Blackbirds in the Sandplant bushes, and small parties of Mipits and alba wags through.
All of the latter that landed that I saw were Pieds.
Ruff up at Crossens and about 500 Golden Plover there.
At least the Med Gulls were putting on a good show in front of Sandgrounders – an adult and second summer were strutting their stuff, picking up weed and twigs and generally looking smart as paint amongst the BHGs.
Plenty of shapes thrown in between short flights over the Sandplant lagoon.


They were hostile to a first summer bird that came in and tried its hand (or beak) at twig carrying, chasing it off whenever it came close.
Three Meds – good value, even if they are so much commoner these days.


Still a few hundred Pink Feet about.
There has clearly been a bit of a clear out, but the neck collared bird “FIU” was still on the outer marsh.
Avocets going bananas, gave up counting ’em today – must do better next time.