Not so hot…


I’ve seen healthier Blackwits than this poor individual staggering around in front of Sandgrounders this morning in the chilly March air.
Kept stumbling back into the channels while Teals tootled around – snack time for a passing GBB I expect at some point, but at least it was feeding regularly.
Small parties of Mipits going through, but not so many and a few Pied Wagtails, with the picture much the same at Weld Road.
Looking at the “golden’ Golden Plover flock from Hesketh Road was warming at least, before they flew off towards Crossens Inner.
Impressive numbers of Avocets though, with 42 between Polly’s Pool and the Sandplant Lagoon, and another 20 at least that I could see on M1.
The Merlin was still hunting around the end of the remains of the Sandplant peninsula and a brown young-looking Peregrine was putting the willies up everything at a higher altitude.
A Blackcap in song at Dempsey Towers was springlike, but I assume it was the wintering male tuning up.

2 thoughts on “Not so hot…

  1. Can everyone who reads this follow the link and vote Hen Harrier to try and bring the plight of this species into the public eye :-


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