Calm after the storm


Launched a new children’s club on the coast today, and started by getting them into waders, acrylics and beachcombing (the full horror is all on if you are interested).
“Jellyfish in a cup!”
Nope, I have no idea what it means either, but as an eight-year-old’s battlecry goes, I’d say it certainly deserves points for originality.
Once we’d scraped the paint off the ceiling and everyone was safely collected, I headed out to calm my shredded nerves with a bit of light afternoon birding, although it was starting to drop cold and grey by 3pm.
Weld Road was as dog-raddled as you’d expect for a Saturday afternoon, with just a few Mipits and a Pied Wag to show for a short walk, so I went out onto Plex.
A bit of standing water in some of the ploughed fields is attracting a small gull roost, mainly Common and BHGs, but no Wheatears out there yet – they usually turn up on the coastal strip (nice one Chris) a few days before they make it onto the mosses, but I’m sure there will be warmer and more Wheatear-filled days to come.
Stopped to watch a Red Legged Partridge chuntering away at the side of the track – I’ve never noticed that they close their eyes when they are in full “song”, but then again I might grimace too if I looked like I was trying to cough up a Seville orange while making a noise like a flooded tractor engine.