Winter’s last hurrah?


Yup, I know the header is tempting fate, and it was baltically nippy still today, but I enjoyed a great few hours on the coast between Waterloo and Hightown while reccying for a walk I’m leading at the weekend.
Small group of seven Blackwits circling around Crosby Marine Lake, with the very long staying female Long Tailed Duck still bobbing and diving on the small boating lake.
Not so much nailed on, as Superglued to the site.


Great Crested Grebe and two Goldeneye on the main Marine Lake.
Singing Skylarks and the usual wintering waders as I walked up the coast, with the Starlings in fine fettle at Hall Road, point blank and singing away at their scavenging best.


I finally managed to catch up with the Snow Bunting at the north end of the car park at Hall Road too, after exhibiting my usual levels of ineptitude on several occasions over the winter.
Completely approachable and mighty lethargic, these pics of the Snow Bunting were all taken with my “point and press”, (no digiscoping necessary today).
I just laid down on the grass (having checked for barker’s eggs first of course) and the bunting ignored me.



Left it shuffling around and looking completely at home.
Headed on towards Hightown, past three Stonechats above the blitz beach and more Blackwits and wintering waders, especially Curlews, around the old navigation wall, where a female Red Breasted Merg was fishing in the channel.
Coltsfoot flowering around the remains of Fort Crosby, and a Red Tailed Bumblebee on the wing in Ainsdale earlier.
Just one or two Mipits and six Pied Wags around Crosby Marine Lake.
Surely spring can’t that far away now, but a winter bag like today’s will do just fine in the meantime.