Sorry Dave!


Apologies to Dave Hardaker who sent me this cracking picture of the Snow Bunting that was hanging around Hall Road last month.
I only picked up the email last night due to my obvious ineptitude when it comes to any form of technology, old or new.
I was also outfoxed by the bird twice, which was annoying.
“Juv. Snow Bunting, probably female, Burbo Bank car park Crosby, this morning (14.1.15). Very confiding on grassy verge on the right before the 5 bar metal gate that leads on to the revetment”, Dave explained. “Photographed from the car”.
Better late than never!


3 thoughts on “Sorry Dave!

  1. Just got the following ringing return back from the BTO – a colour ringed Little Egret I saw by the Runcorn Bridge had been ringed in Lincolnshire:
    “Thank you for taking the time to report to us details of a bird ring you found. Information about this bird and its movements is given below.
    Ringing Scheme: London Ring Number: GR36352 Species of bird: Little Egret (Egretta garzetta)
    This bird was ringed by Mid-Lincs RG as age nestling, sex unknown on 13-May-2014 18:10:00 at North Cotes, Lincolnshire, UK

    Colour Marks right below knee M
    Colour Marks left above knee RW(H)
    Colour Marks right above knee YN(D)

    It was found on 28-Dec-2014 13:50:00 at Runcorn-Widnes Bridge, Halton, UK
    Finding condition: Sight record by non-ringer
    Finding circumstances: Identified by Colour Ring(s)
    Extra Information: –
    It was found 229 days after it was ringed, 184 km from the ringing site, direction W”.


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