Peak time for Petalwort



Enigmatic and extremely compulsive – Petalwort is at its best on the coast at the moment.
Just a millimetre or so across and as much a dune specialist as Natterjack Toad and Sand Lizard, but far harder to find, I came across a colony of at least 14 “plants” recently.
Only way to find this critter is get on your hands and knees and sacrifice all human dignity, but once you get your eye in, it ain’t too bad.
Look for it in areas of short, cropped vegetation, and along trails with open areas in the sward.
Once you start looking, you’re hooked…no wonder the Victorians piled in here liverwort and moss hunting and unfortunately managed to extirpate several species in a remarkably short period of time.

4 thoughts on “Peak time for Petalwort

  1. Saturday 14th

    The 2 Snow Buntings were still about on the shore at Wallasey, giving great views at times.

    Further down the road the Laughing Gull was still present at New Brighton.


  2. Both the Snow Buntings and the Laughing Gull are ridiculously confiding. Meanwhile – a bit further down the road at Burton Mere – the Long Eared Owl is reliable but not what you’d call confiding…


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