Expectation management


Always gonna be on a hiding to nothing out on the mosses with a north westerly as mean as today’s tear-arsing across the fields and the shooty shooty bang bang brigade out for Saturday blasting, but I hadn’t been around Plex for awhile…
Small group of Corn Buntings gamely tried perching up, while the Fieldfares and Mistle Thrushes kept low in the furrows.
About 500 Pink Feet in the fields around Plex Moss Farm and a flock of at least 100 Linnets.
Little Egret on the Withins was unexpected, but not without precedent.
Usual Buzzard, Kestrel, corvids.
Nothing ventured nothing gained.

One thought on “Expectation management

  1. Black Headed Gulls are perhaps not the most interesting winter birds, but they can give us interesting information. I found a colour ringed Black Headed Gull on 14th Jan at slipway near small pub Southport marine lake. Info was put into Euring and on Thursday came the results. The bird was ringed as a nestling 08-06-2002 at Nemuno Salos, Prieni, Lithuania. Has anyone been there?
    A Black Headed Gull with a colour ring THLP, ringed in Poland, has been recorded on Ainsdale beach for the last 4 winters. I wonder what percentage of our winter gulls are from the Baltic States.
    Please send any ringing recovery records to our County Recorder.
    Duncan (Skip) Rothwell


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