Lost and found


Lovely big high tide though it was yesterday, the mist and murk descended all too quickly at Ainsdale, so that a lunchtime seawatch was largely pointless – between 10-20 Great Crested Grebes, 8+ Red Breasted Mergs, 1 Guillemot, 3 Red Throated Divers and a few small rafts of Common Scoters close in, but shrouded in sea frets.
Large numbers of ’em were moving south through the bay earlier in the morning, but the megaraft is still fractured into smaller groups after the recent storms.
Plenty of Barwits etc displaced by the 10.2m tide, and moving south in the fug.
A seawatch lost then.
Even more elusive was the super sneaky Snow Bunting down at Hall Road and still playing hide and seek (but mainly hide) despite the prolonged stay.
On the upside, can I recommend a quick download of this latest report from Natural England I found online?
Nothing startling, but excellent data crunching from a number of sources on the status of the commoner seabirds in the UK outside of breeding season.
And it’s free, so what’s not to like?