Beaten by a Brant


High wind and hard winter sun meant I just couldn’t pick out the Black Brant from the grazing Brents at Donna Nook in Lincs over the New Year – a shame, although this latest incompetence made a change from checking through Pinks.
The GBBs at Donna Nook marauded Shelducks and Brents rather than the unfortunate Wigeon on the Ribble, but the Grey and Common Seals the site is famous for were oblivious, despite the fact the big gulls were tucking into seal calf carcasses at a few spots on the sands and in the saltmarsh.


For those partial to great big sausages hauled out on the sand, I’ve posted a gallery of ’em here.
With the New Year hootenanay finally over, I welcomed the chance to walk the seawall at Hesketh Out Marsh this afternoon – crisp and frosty, with shotgun blasts echoing into infinity, but still Kingfisher, Marsh Harrier and a few Common Buzzards.
Nice flock of feeding Mipits and Pied Wags too in the fields.
Up to 200 Whoopers were grazing south of HoM, but the low sun was directly behind them, making it super-tough to scour for Bewick’s…there’ll be other days no doubt.

One thought on “Beaten by a Brant

  1. It is nice to get out birding again after a family-oriented (= non-birding) Christmas innit!!!, Today’s outing was – as you put it John – to the dark side. But the Fylde certainly delivered. As well as the Shore Lark at Rossall Point, Lytham produced the superb long-staying Great Grey Shrike; Fairhaven Lake the Scaup; and Marton Mere – whilst the Firecrest was a no-show for me – produced Long-eared Owl and Iceland Gull. The latter four were all “lifers” for me, so a great day out. I have to say that the Shrike looks fabulous – fit, healthy and in bright plumage; a stunner.



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