Above the incessant roar


Surprising how many birds were still around the marsh late this morning, despite the heavy frost – Crossens Inner and Marshside Two had approximately 450 Blackwits, with 100 odd Lapwing and similar numbers of Golden Plover too.
Usually they clear off at the first sign of the icy stuff.


The Great White Dot (quality shot above) was strutting around Crossens Outer, and the “little white goose” was still fraternising with Mallards.
Merlin, Kestrel and Sprawk all hunting the outer marsh, and several Rock Pipits were calling, but it was virtually impossible to pin them down above the incessant roar of traffic.
At least two appeared to be dropping onto Marshside Two, just north of the Sandgrounders Hide.
Best of all, one of the (almost) regular Ravens was being cool out on Crossens Outer, but as ever, flapped off laughing as soon as it saw me watching it – love the way the thing bounced over the turf like a big black Spacehopper.
Superb bird.


The Raven flew off twice to the south east but returned to probe the grass, ignoring a Carrion Crow that attempted to mob it.
Meanwhile the GBBs had scored further out and were tearing something unfortunate (and well past identification) to ribbons in the taller marsh vegetation and a Common Buzzard was resting up on the fenceline.

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